In the beginning there was a hen

We have a hen with her chicks to thank that Bremen exists at all. According to the legend of the city’s founding, homeless men, women and children were underway on the Weser with their boats in flight from predatory neighbours. They would gladly have gone on land, but could find no suitable place to do so. Then they discovered a hen with her chicks, seeking a reliable resting place for the night, and followed her…..

In gratitude, a memorial was erected in honour of the hen.

Go to the town hall arcades in search of the legendary hen and discover the quite diverse figures and symbols on the town hall façade. Because the façade is also fashioned in the style of the Weser Renaissance, it recounts many exciting stories and beautiful legends.

And when you are already in the process of discovering the UNESCO Word Cultural Heritage of Humanity from the outside, do not forget the guided town hall tour of the town hall and the gild chamber.



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