Rapunzel Tower in Trendelburg – Visit and Rapunzel Show

The Brothers Grimm left clear traces of their work through many regions of the country, and the German Fairy Tale Route follows them carefully. What adult doesn't know the thrill of this mysterious world? The fortress and town of Trendelburg are the stage of recited fairy tales and myths. Part of the mediaeval building complex is Rapunzel's Tower. Over the former drawbridge that leads across the moat leads, visitors must bend down to pass through the portal into the cobblestone fortress courtyard. From there one can see the window high up on the 40 m- tall tower, where Rapunzel shows herself. The tower, furnished in an entertaining manner, can be visited at any time; the entrance fee is €4.50. Rapunzel herself gives a small appearance at 3 pm on Sundays.


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