Weaving Museum Kircher at Snow White Square in Gieselwerder

When on Aug 11, 2009 voluntary helpers in the "Little Taylor House" in the Weaving Museum Kircher discovered a damaged half-timbered compartment while cleaning up the inner wall of the hall, they knocked out the loose stones to rebuild the compartment. Behind it, they suddenly discovered an old clay wall in which strange things were emerging. The literary archaeologist Bertram Kircher, who hurried to the site immediately, examined the site and what he discovered took his breath away. Under the watchful supervision of the notary Heinrich A. Dilcher from Hofgeismar, who was also summoned immediately, seven ancient corner caps and broken pieces of broken plates were gradually uncovered. This was the irrefutable proof: the astonished helpers and experts here stood in the house in which Snow White and the seven dwarves had lived.

The weaving museum Gieselwerder is located in the house "Little Taylor", a historical Weser-Diemel house, which is distinguished by a large hall for accommodating horse-drawn carriages. The house in Steinweg got its name because the last tailor was not very tall, and there was a second taller tailor in the town.

Courses and various events are also offered.


Weberei-Museum Kircher

Steinweg 2
34399 Gieselwerder
Phone: +49 5572 - 4448

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