Enchanting Lantern Path

The lantern path with cut-out silhouettes, showing a multitude of fairytale themes of the Brothers Grimm, begins in the courtyard of the Trendelburg fortress. Particulary during the evening hours, but also during the day these themes rendered in an old-fashioned classical style become a good occasion for a one-hour round through the old town of Trendelburg, situated on a fortressed hill.

Three streets of the old town that start at the entrance of the fortress are lined by historical lanterns depicting fairy tales such as Mother Hulda, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Rumpelstiltskin and other legends such as the Reinhard Forest Legend.

A handout provided by the Trendelburg Tourist Office, opened daily office in the old town, explains the individual themes.

The creator Albert Völkel, a puppeteer and draftsman, also offers guided tours as night watchman. The guided city tours offered by the Tourism Office likewise refer to the fairytale themes.


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