Falkenstein castle ruin

The Falkenstein was a fortification of the Landgraves, which along with the associated manor was given as a fiefdom to deserving supporters and nobility. Apparently the castle is an old residency that had no greater strategic significance. The first written mention occurs in the year 1346. Today the whole complex, which was already desolate around 1600, can still be recognised as a ruin.

You can reach the castle ruin Falkenstein from the hiking parking lot Altenburg in Niedenstein or from the hiking parking lot Falkenstein at Elmshagen, coming on the country road Niedenstein towards Schauenburg-Breitenbach. The ruin lies between the communities Bad Emstal, Schauenburg and the town of Niedenstein. From here, one has an excellent vista over the surrounding landscape. The ruin can be reached by numerous hiking paths, whether Eco path Archeology Altenburg-Falkenstein or on the Habichtswald trail. On the castle ruin, you can also discover the enchanting resting place along the Habichtswald trail with its Pfeifenwippe (pipe rocker) and make music like minstrels at court.

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