Ludwigstein Castle

High above the Werra on a hilltop lies Ludwigstein Castle.

The Jugendburg is an outpost of the Hessian Youth Building Lodge and recognised by UNESCO as a pilot project of "Educatuon for sustainable development". It offers cyclists, school classes, families and hikers excellent accommodations with a quality seal.

And if you want to say "I do" in a civil marriage ceremony in the castle, you can do so from high above in the romantic tower room.

Ludwigstein Castle was built in 1415 by order of Landgrave Ludwig I. In 1664, the Ludwigstein office was united with the mayoral office of Witzenhausen, and the castle lost its function as the seat of administration and court. The castle was divested of its earlier duties, abandoned, and left to decay until the present day.

Around 1920, groups of the youth movement discovered the partially decayed castle as a romantic hiking destination, and it once again underwent reconstruction. Later a club was formed from this association dedicated to the preservation of the castle and its archives, from which a foundation emerged in 1970, which maintains the castle to this day. Apart from the Federal Archive of the German Youth Movement and the Youth Educational Institution, the castle is a hostel with seminar rooms, a swimming pool, a campsite and an outdoor terrace. The impressive fortress, where about 17,000 guests overnight every year, is ideal for school classes, day visitors, bike touring and all those who want to be taken back to the long-lost times of castles and palaces.

You can appreciate the especially attractive location of the castle with a glance from the tower.

Opening hours

Throughout the year


Diverse events are held over the entire year, including for instance the Easter Market and the Advent Market, as well as the annual European Youth Week with folklore groups from various countries.



Jugendburg Ludwigstein

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