Rothestein Castle

The Baron of Gilsa started to build Rothestein Castle in neo-gothic style in 1891. But the English Baron of Knoop was the one to complete the building. The name "Rothestein" originates from the red sandstone on which the castle was built. The current owner is Mr Theo Becker, who purchased the estate in 1995. Gradually the castle's interior has been rennovated from floor to roof. From today's point of view, a great deal of time and financial resources must be invested until the castle will be completely rennovated. The terrace of the manor house underwent elaborate reconstruction and now offers a wonderful view overlooking the Werra River valley and Hoher Meißner mountain.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday - Sunday (and holidays): 2 pm - 7 pm


Schloss Schänke und Schloss Terrasse

Wednesday - Sunday (and holidays): 2 pm - 7 pm


Schloss Rothestein

Schloss Rothestein 1
37242 Bad Sooden-Allendorf
Phone: +49 5652 - 589230 oder 2057