Wülmersen Water Castle

The large manor house and farm in the Diemel valley goes back to the 12th century, when it belonged to the monastery of Helmarshausen. In the 14 the century the fiefdom was transferred to the ownership of the von Stockhausen family, who farmed the acreage until 1960. Subsequently the heart of the ownerless complex decayed, until renovation work was begun in 1987 within the framework of an employment promotion project, and the buildings could be restored in harmony with the preservation of architectural heritage. The state museum is housed in a former stable. It shows alternating exhibitions in agricultural technology, rural life, rural crafts, and regional history.

Hikes in the Holzape valley are highly recommend.

Opening times

May - October

Tues. - Fri. 11 am - 18 pm

Sat. 2 pm - 5 pm

Sun. 11 am - 6 pm


On weekends the Heere bakery offers coffee and cake in the entrance area, and snacks are available in the museum kiosk.



Wasserschloss Wülmersen

34388 Trendelburg-Wülmersen
Phone: +49 5675 - 7210348
Fax: +49 5675 - 720115

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