The Gänseliesel (Little Goose Girl) Figure

Since 1901, the landmark der of the university town of Göttingen has been the Gänseliesel figure on the market fountain before the mediaeval old Town Hall. Actually only depicting a poor girl minding her geese, the art nouveau figure has long since become the favourite of all the freshly-baked PhDs of Göttingen University. After passing their final examinations, the custom is for them to press a kiss on her bronze cheek – thus making her the “most frequently-kissed girl in the world”.

On the 100th anniversary of the Gänseliesel fountain in 2001, a writing competition was held for a “Little Goose Girl Fairy Tale” in the style of the Brothers Grimm. The book of fairy tales is available at the Tourist Information Office in the old Town Hall.


When visiting the Gänseliesel figure, one should also explore Göttingen’s historical town centre. Mediaeval churches, half-timbered houses and venerable old buildings of the university help to shape the urban landscape. The heyday of the Hanseatic League comes alive in the old Town Hall.



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