Holzminden - City of Fragrances and Flavours

Holzminden for friends of fairy tales

In Holzminden on the German Fairytale Route, the legendary Weser countryside can be discovered with your nose. The city's five fairytale scents immerse visitors in the world of Mother Hulda from Hessisch Lichtenau, the Pied Piper of Hameln, Little Red Riding Hood from Schwalmstadt, Sleeping Beauty from Reinhardswald, Cinderella from Polle and Snow White from Oberweser.

The special room scents immediately evoke associations with the different fairy tales and are an eye-catcher for every apartment. The ideal souvenir for lovers of fairy tales.

Let us show you

  • the sweet scent of the Pied Piper of Hamelin,
  • the Sleeping Beauty fragrance of "Red Beauty",
  • Mother Hulda's "Charming Flakes",
  • how Cinderella inspires you with her "Magical transformation",
  • how Snow White's "Bewitching Apple" will enchant you
  • how Little Red Riding Hood can lead you through the "Mystic Forest".

The room scents offer an ideal souvenir for lovers of fairy tales and can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office on the market and in some member towns of the German Fairy Tale Route.
This year gets an enchanting start at the colourful Market of Fragrances and Flavours, when Holzminden invites you to the Festival of Fairy Tales and Fragrances on May 9th, 2020 together with some fairytale figures.

The wild hunter Hackelberg

The village of Silberborn, which belongs to Holzminden, is closely rooted in the legend "Hackelberg - the wild hunter of Solling". Legend has it that Hackelberg lived in a half-timbered house in Neuhaus and then, in the course of the saga, moved to the forest in Silberborn. In Silberborn, the Hackelberg stone complex at the foot of the Försterstieß near the Hochsolling lookout tower is reminiscent of the wild hunter from Solling.

Holzminden's historical tidbits

Holzminden was founded around 1200 by the Counts of Everstein next to their castle on the Weser. In the 18th century the town experienced a boom with the foundation of the ironworks and other branches of industry. In 1831 one of the oldest building trade schools in Germany was founded here. Holzminden's history has been closely linked to the development of the former companies Haarmann & Reimer and Dragoco for more than 130 years. In 2003 the two Holzminden-based fragrance and flavour manufacturers merged to form Symrise. The industry for the production of fragrances and flavourings has long since conquered a worldwide market from Holzminden and has shaped both the economic development of the city and the city itself in many respects.

Holzminden for holiday tourists and day visitors

With its 17 fragrance columns along the sightseeing tour, Holzminden invites its visitors to explore the city with their noses. Every Saturday from April to October at 11 am our guided "Scented City Tour" through the city centre is conducted according to the motto "Always follow your nose".

The colourful market of fragrances and aromas around the market square and Mittlere Strasse offers an aromatic taste experience with many tasting stands. This it will be held on March 14the, May 9th, July 13, and September 9th in 2020.

Training your tongue with pleasure and discovering the scents of the world – you have the opportunity to do so with our wide range of scent and aroma seminars. Whether you would like to become a perfumer yourself and create your own perfume, learn more about the effects of our local herbs and the powers of Indian spices, explore the variety of aromas of French wines or experience the local beer in a very special way, we invite you to partake in particularly sensual experiences in Holzminden.
There is a large selection of topical themes, ranging from the ultimate enjoyment of special tea and coffee to creative designer soaps.
The idyllic district town is also an ideal starting point for cycling, hiking or canoeing tours along the Weser or into the Solling-Vogler Nature Park.

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