Land of Mother Hulda - Enchanting home of Mother Hulda

The Werra Valley for friends of fairy tales

In the Werra valley, you can stroll along the footsteps of Mother Hulda, which you can particularly discover on the Hohe Meißner, Northern Hesse's highest mountain, but also in Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Eschwege and Witzenhausen. There are ten legendary locations on the Hohe Meißner attributed to Mother Hulda. Probably the most impressive one is the Mother Hulda Pond near the observation point Schwalbenthal. The idyllically located pond, on whose edge stands a wooden sculpture more than three metres high, marks the entrance into the subterranean realm of Mother Hulda. If you are there at the right time, the wind is good and you have a little luck, you can hear Mother Holda’s song at this pond. The explorer hiking trail Königstour (P1) offers many additional Mother Hulda sites, such as the Kitzkammer, a rock wall of pentagonal and hexagonal basalt columns, with a great cavity. It is said that Mother Hulda transformed quarrelsome girls into cats and locked them up here.

At the annual Fairy Tale Week in Bad Sooden-Allendorf with a colourful program for young and old as well as a great pageant held after Easter you can observe Mother Hulda shaking her cushions. In Eschwege, you can experience a fairy tale town guided tour with cinnamon waffles, and on a guided walking tour on the Hohe Meißner, you are drawn into the spell of the fairytale world.

Historical Tidbits

Wilhelm Grimm was confirmed on April 13, 1800 in Großalmerode. In 1812, the brothers became acquainted with Dorothea Wild in Nentershausen, who became William's wife in 1825. Because of intellectual and political opposition against King Ernst August of Hanover, the members of the Göttingen Seven, also including the Grimm brothers, were expelled from the Kingdom of Hanover on December 17, 1837. They fled to Witzenhausen and overnighted in the tavern "Zur Krone" in room 9.

The Werra valley for holiday tourists and day visitors

There is much to see on the 19 quality-tested premium hiking paths, the "Explorer Tours in the Werra valley": spectacular prospects, mighty rock formations and stone pits, gentle valleys, dense forest and lakes shape the region, where many undisturbed and tranquil areas have been preserved. The green belt with its fascinating previous inner-German border history as well as its rare flora and fauna exerts an almost magical attraction. One encounters rare orchids, discovers fort ruins and palaces, and climbs observation towers. Attractive half-timbered restaurants in colourful towns and townships invite you to taste culinary specialties, and exceptional museums such as the exhibition mine Gustav, the border museum Schifflersgrund or the salt museum and other recreational facilities appeal to diversified interests. The Mountain Wildlife Park Meißner, the Climbing Park Leuchtberg or the Adventure Park Ziegenhagen prevent any sort of boredom in young and old alike.

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