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Nieste for friends of fairy tales

If the Brothers Grimm were still alive today, they would have found a true source of inspiration for their fairytale collection in Nieste. In Nieste, fairy tales and legends are actually lived. Here you will find them, the living fairy-tale figures: the Niester Giant, the Three Sisters from the valley of Gläsnertal, the evil Mother Hulda or the Grim Reaper and many others who live in the Niester fairy-tale forest. Yes, there are even trees that swallow all the signs, a red spring and an enchanting spring that is 5,000 years old. Nieste, the legendary place for fairy tale lovers!

Niester Historical Tidbits

Bronze Age burial mounds on the Mühlenberg (Eco Path Archaeology Sensenstein) // Early Modern Forest Glass Production in the Gläsnertal (Eco Path Archaeology Gläsnertal // Medieval iron mines at Gerholdsberg and Mühlenberg // Late Medieval Border Fortress Castle Sensenstein (today's youth and leisure facility) // Mausoleum, Monkey Monument and Romantic Landscape Garden)

Nieste for holiday tourists and day visitors

"See! there is Nieste" – pure nature is guaranteed by the officially recognised resort town of Nieste, the second smallest independent community in Hessen. Just a few minutes by car to the east of the city of Kassel lies the small Gallic village in the Kaufunger Forest. Day guests and short-term holidaymakers can expect a unique gastronomic experience in Alpine style: the Königs Alm. The first German hiking school was founded here, with a predominantly voluntary commitment that provides a wide range of nature experiences for families, friends and groups in the centre of the Grimm Climb. These include covered wagon rides, archery, hiking Olympics, alpine pasture games, horseback riding, cycling tours, single hiking, "creepy tours", hiking for people with disabilities, as well as a year-round sports hiking programme on the Grimm Climb. Every last weekend in June, the annual XXL sports hiking event "The Grimm Climb Days" takes place here at the linchpin of the König Alm. All ages and abilities can participate - there are about 15 different course lengths (from 3 km to 111 km) to choose from. Nature lovers in particular will find fairytale meadows, meadows and fields in and around Nieste. Clean air and natural streams with the highest water quality are certainly no coincidence – nature protection is written particularly large in the upper Niestetal. Meadow areas have not been fertilized here for 150 years. Also such a natural space is a welcome refuge for rare birds, such as the kingfisher or the black stork. "See! that was Nieste" – recreation, personal experience and fairytale inspiration in the most natural way.

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