A raft journey on the Fulda with the “Fulda mermaids”

A raft journey on the Fulda from Morschen to Melsungen with the “Fulda Mermaid” promises a really special experience. You can get to know the romantic Fulda Valley from another perspective.

Two large rafts with an area of 24 sq.m. each are available and handled by experienced raftsmen. Beverage service is provided "on board". Locomotion takes place primarily by natural water power, with a motor helping out to correct the course only at some places.

The seated passenger area is secured by a railing. A canopy, which of course can also be rolled in, serves as an ideal “roof” for all weather conditions.

Participants and dates


Each raft is approved for a maximum of 25 passengers. Trips can be conducted daily from May to October for groups with the corresponding number of participants. A punctual notification / reservation is definitely recommended.

Dates daily from May to October

Can be booked for max. 25 persons per raft

Reservation definitely required


Route versions/charter prices:

Morschen-Melsungen about 4 hrs. (plus pause) €490

Morschen-Malsfeld about 3 hrs. €370

Morschen-Beiseförth about 2 hrs. mornings €260

Beiseförth-Melsungen about 2 hrs. afternoons €260

Malsfeld-Melsungen about 1 hour on request

Individuals, families and small groups

For individuals, families and small groups, “trips for anyone” are offered from May to October on the first Sunday of the month:

Dates: May to October on the every first Sunday of the month

Individuals, families and small groups can be booked

Reservation definitely required, since there is a limit to the number of participants!


Morschen-Melsungen about 4 hrs. (plus pause). Adult €19.50 / child* €12.50

Morschen-Beiseförth about 2 hrs. mornings. Adult €12.50 / child* €7.50

Beiseförth-Melsungen about 2 hrs. afternoons. Adult €12.50 / child* €7.50


*child up to 12 years

Organiser: Floßteam Fuldanixe GbR



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