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SPRACHDENKMAL (linguistic monument), MÄRCHENZEIT (fairytale time), KUNSTBLICK (artistic view), ZWERGENRAST (dwarf rest), IDEENFÜLLE (full of ideas), GENUSZFROH (enjoyable), PREISENSWERT (prize-worthy) – you will experience what these terms from the German Dictionary have to do with the Brothers Grimm, along with much more in a playful, interactive and approachable way on an exhibition area of 1,600 square metres.

Since its opening in 2015, the GRIMM WORLD Kassel offers many attractions, new insights and perspectives related to the Brothers Grimm. From A to Z: 25 different letter and subject areas from the German Dictionary guide you through the world of books, fairy tales, legends and the German language as well as biographical information.


The Brothers Grimm lived and worked in Kassel for over 30 years. GRIMM WORLD Kassel presents their multifaceted life's work in an interactive, multimedia and approachable way. Known as collectors of legends and fairy tales, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are also regarded as pioneers of German linguistics. In Kassel, they started working on the German Dictionary and wrote other linguistic and political tracts as well. They were also politically active. And they had another, not so well-known brother who made a name for himself in a completely different field: the painter, draughtsman and illustrator Ludwig Emil Grimm handed down scenes from the life of his brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. His profile portrait of the two is well known from the Children's and Family Tales. Ludwig Emil Grimm can even be regarded as a pioneer of the cartoon. His work is highly varied, and his illustrations helped the Grimm fairy tales to success.


Inside, the GRIMM WORLD Kassel offers a lot of interesting information from the world of the Brothers Grimm on 1,600 square metres, including the working specimens with handwritten notes and corrections, and the personal copies of "Tales of Children and the Home " from 1812/1815, which were included in the UNESCO list "Memory of the World" in 2005 as a World Document Heritage.


Walking through the GRIMM WORLD, you can also enjoy contemporary works of art. Definitely worth seeing: the mixed media installation by Ecke Bonk (Book of Words/Random Reading, 2002-2016), Lutz & Guggisberg (Fairytale Bomb, 2015), Ai Weiwei (Colored Roots, 2009-2015), Alexej Tchernyi (Diorama on the biography of the German dictionary in 14 scenes, 2014/2015) and Antoni Miralda (Banquet Table Tales, 2015).


Of course, in the GRIMM WORLD you can also meet Grimm's fairytale figures such as the wolf of Little Red Riding Hood, the dwarves and Snow White. With the "World voyage" children can discover the world of the Brothers Grimm in a playful way by a Question Course through the different letters and themes, while adults can also lose their way like Little Red Riding Hood, or get lost in the labyrinth of words.


Take some time for your trip to the GRIMM WORLD Kassel:

In addition to the permanent exhibit, the first floor features alternating special presentations, which always take up and illuminate aspects of the work of the Brothers Grimm. The "FREE ROOM" event room also offers space for workshops and conferences.


The foyer of the GRIMM WORLD offers an atmospheric ambience for cultural events - from readings to tango evenings. The restaurant "Falada" invites you to linger over delicious food and drinks at any time of the day – phenomenal views included. Since 2016, it has even been possible to get married in the GRIMM WORLD.


Under no circumstances should you miss the view from the roof of the GRIMM WORLD: on an area of 2,000 square metres you can enjoy a breath-taking view of Kassel's southern side and the Hercules monument. The building, designed by kadawittfeld Architecture from Aachen, has already been awarded several prizes: The online voting by the architecture magazine "German Architects" has rewarded the GRIMM WORLD Kassel the coveted prize "Building of the Year 2015", it received the Polis Award 2016 for urban and real estate development in the category "Liveable open spaces", and in the autumn of 2016 it received a commendation from the German Urban Development Awards for the vineyard area. In addition, GRIMM WORLD Kassel received the marketing award "German Brand Award 2016".

Kassel and the GRIMM WORLD are recognised regionally, nationally and internationally. The English newspaper "Guardian" named the GRIMM WORLD one of the ten best new museums worldwide. The internet search service "Yahoo" recommended Kassel with the GRIMM WORLD as one of the 16 places must-see places to visit in 2016! Now the GRIMM WORLD Kassel is looking forward to your visit!

Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday, Sunday 10 am - 6 pm, Friday 10 am - 8 pm. Public guided tours in the permanent exhibit on Saturdays and Sundays from 3 - 4 pm and in the special exhibit from 4-5 pm.

Guided tours in the GRIMM WORLD Kassel can also be booked individually for groups via Kassel Marketing | T + 49.561.707707,

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