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Gudensberg for friends of fairy tales

Numerous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are entwined with the historically significant Chattengau region that lies in the lovely small North Hessian town of Gudensberg. Of the Grimm fairytale figures, the "drummer" stands most particularly for Gudensberg. Clad in historical uniform, he runs through the romantic alleyways on the Schlossberg (castle hill) and beats the drum for Gudensberg at festivals and city tours. He also plays the drum on every last Sunday in July, during the Gudensberger Fairytale Festival around the Fairytale Stage in the town park, where numerous symbolic figures of the German Fairy Tale Route come together and offer visitors an unforgettable day in an enchanting fairytale atmosphere.

Gudensberger Historical Tidbits

A bronze sculpture of the raven Kolki adorns the Gudensberger roundabout as emblem of the city. The background of this figure is the legend about the Schlossberg hill, which had once been called Wotansberg, on which the Chatten people worshipped their God Wotan, who was constantly accompanied by two ravens.

Gudensberg for holiday tourists and day visitors

On extended hikes and cycling tours, visitors can enjoy the volcanic basalt hilly plateau around Gudensberg.

Discover the Chattengau for example by hiking along the Ars Natura or the Panoramaweg paths. In the picturesque alleyways of the old town, apart from historical half-timbered houses there are many works of arts to be marveled at – often with topical references to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm that proliferate around the Chattengau region. A comprehensive cultural programme on the Fairytale Stage, in the community centre or in the synagogue culture house promises high-quality entertainment and fun for all visitors. For athletic enjoyment, you can go for a swim in the Naturbad Terrano, or visit the GolfPark or participate in one of the numerous guided city tours that can be booked in the town hall. Whether to do with enchanting fairy tales, or historical background, or musical fine arts – Gudensberg has a wealth of sights and activities to offer its visitors.


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