Hessian Lichtenau - Gate to Mother Hulda country


Hessian Lichtenau for friends of fairy tales

The probably best-known fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, Mother Hulda, is at home round about the High Meissner. She shook the beds from her mountain, the High Meissner, which then snowed down on the earth. They still come alive here, the fairy tales, myths, legends, and fascinating stories about Mother Hulda, who in other forms as Perchta, Freya or Frigga is present the entire year as the ancient female earth goddesses. A visit to the Holleum or a guided tour on the Mother Hulda thematic walk makes the topic “Mother Hulda” a live experience. With QR code videos in German sign language, even the deaf can enjoy the thematic walk as well as with an interpreter.

Hessian Lichtenau for holiday tourists and day visitors

Also those who come for sporting activities in Hessian Lichtenau are not short-changed: with hiking boots, a bicycle or on the back of a horse, there are plenty of possibilities to explore the region, which to this day could preserve its native character and silent beauty and boasts rare plants and animals.

Furthermore, the over 700-year-old town has much more to offer:

Town and topical guided tours, an indoor swimming pool, bicycle and hiking trails, annual cultural calendar, sailplaning, squash, tennis, recreational centre, fitness programme, well-prepared cross-country skiing in the winter and two lifts for alpine sport, angling, riding, a tightrope garden park, motor caravan parking, youth hostels, campsites, former monastery and Teutonic Knights Church (1207) in Reichenbach with an archaeological area and keep at the Reichenbach ruin, High Meissner (Mother Hulda pond, Kitzkammer etc.) and much more.

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