Knüllwald - Fairytale and legendary Knüllwald

Knüllwald for friends of fairy tales

The depths of the forests, the quiet valleys and idyllically situated towns and villages in the rural area of Knüll are perfect backdrops as fairytale showplaces of the Brothers Grimm, which one can discover while hiking in the north Hessian hill country. Perhaps the bad wolf is waiting for Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother in the mountain hut, or in the Hutewald forest the old goat is searching for food for her seven little kids, and on the Wallenstein castle, Rapunzel has let down her hair from the fortress tower.

In the Wildpark Knüll wildlife park, one can meet not only the much vilified "bad" wolf of the famous fairy tale, but also howl along with the "good" wolves in the Wolf Night, or listen to the fairy another time.

Knüllwalder Historical Tidbits

Apart from legendary churches in Rengshausen and Remsfeld (Wichtelkirche) with uncovered paintings from the early 16th century, in other districts fortified churches defy intrustion. The Wallenstein fortress ruin in the Efze valley has an eventful history. It was destroyed in the 30 Years War, and perhaps a reference to the hero of Schiller's drama "Wallenstein".

In the Beise valley, the idyllic course of the river is bordered by centuries-old mills.

Knüllwald on the German Fairy Tale Route for holiday tourists, day visitors, and others

Conveniently situated for public transport directly on the A 7 motorway in the middle of Germany, Knüllwald is an ideal destination. No matter whether you want to take a hiking holiday along the splendid hiking paths machen distinguished by the German Hiking Institut for their particularly beautiful scenery, or explore the enchanting routes along the low mountain landscape as motorcyclist, or simply want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the area -- there is something here for every taste.

Museums and exhibitions, horseback riding holidays and Knights' tournaments, village festivals and performances, swimming pools and Minigolf and much, much more offer just the right mixture of art, culture and leisure-time activities.

The location is an incredibly good conference venue, with convenient transport connection via the A7 motorway. Equipped with all the necessary technology and a good price-performance ratio, friendly service and a varied, attractive menu of meals, the place provides the optimal framework for a successful conference.

Our hotels and restaurants provide enchanting offers.

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