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Marburg for friends of fairy tales

Whoever wants to discover fairy tales should take a holiday in the university town of Marburg or in the Marburg countryside. The Brothers Grimm were impressed by the mediaeval flair of Marburg with its old half-timbered houses, narrow alleys, steep steps, the romantic marketplace and the imposing Landgrave Palace. During their years of study between 1802 and 1806, this enchanting setting inspired Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm to pursue their ideas for creating the collection Tales of Children and the Home.

Stroll "on the tracks of the Brothers Grimm" accompanied by a guide, or discover "Enchanting Marburg" with a package tour.

The "Grimm path", is unique in Marburg, with its fairytale figures in breezy heights on houses, steps and walls that are not only marvelled by families and children. The "blue light" in the palace fountain and the "Sterntaler light art project" at the University Church are among the many highlights and can be admired on a guided tour.

Marburg Historical Tidbits

In a letter to his school fellow Paul Wiegand, Jacob Grimm describes his impressions of Marburg: "I believe there are more steps on the street than in the houses. One even enters one house through the roof."

Marburg for holiday tourists and day visitors

The Marburg Landgrave Palace is primarily worth an excursion due to its cultural historical Museum. Next to the Elizabeth Church, it is one of the most important buildings in Marburg.

Worthwhile for travellers of the Fairy Tale Route are also excursions into the Marburg countryside, whose enchanting atmosphere once inspired the Marburg painter Otto Ubbelohde (1867-1922) for his illustrations of the Grimm Fairy Tales. A fairytale sightseeing tour to the historical locations of his art works, and narrated on the premises, brings the fairy tales to life. An excursion to the Otto Ubbelohde house in Lahntal-Goßfelden completes the Marburg fairy tales programme. The former living and studio house is today a museum and presents changing exhibitions of the artist's works.

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