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Polle for friends of fairy tales

Flecken Polle has been a member of this bewitching road since the foundation of the German Fairytale Route. Cinderella has been officially at home in Polle since 1995, and one year later the Cinderella play started to be performed every third Sunday of the year from May to September at 2:15 pm. Everything else revolves around Cinderella as well. In 2009, a "Cinderella Room" was set up in the Guest House, which attracts more visitors during the times when there are no performances, and the Cinderella Route around the castle was inaugurated in May 2013. Here young and old can discover the stove, the dovecote and Cinderella's golden shoe. The printed fairy tale published by Reclam-Verlag with the original text of the Brothers Grimm can be read at a total of three stations. The illustrations of the fairytale signs along the way come from the Cinderella book richly illustrated with themes from Polle by the artist Markus Lefrancois from Kassel.

Historical Tidbits

Polle Castle, built around the middle of the 12th century, was first mentioned in a document in 1263, when a witness was named in a document as Herr Conrad vom Poll. But it was not until 1285 that the castle at the Weser became the main residence of the Counts of Everstein. The village of Polle was probably laid out as a three-street complex according to the Lippe model at the time the castle was built. After the extinction of the male line, the county of Everstein was transferred by marriage to the of Dukedom Braunschweig in 1408.

Polle for holiday tourists and day visitors

In addition to the romantic castle, where you can occasionally meet the historically symbolic figure of Count Otto von Everstein and his wife Lutgard von Schladen when being led around the castle, Polle has even more to offer. Numerous hiking and cycling trails as well as excursion possibilities and leisure activities such as trips on the Weser with boats of the "Weser Fleet" or crossing with the largest reaction ferry of the Weserbergland, the Golf Club Weserbergland with its unique concept "Golf-Art-Land", the solar-heated outdoor pool, tennis courts of the FC Eintracht Polle and much more guarantee an active holiday. Changing exhibitions of regional artists in the Haus des Gastes, the small but fine museum "Burg Polle", theatre performances on the open-air stage for children and adults, the Cinderella play, the nationally known pumpkin market and the Cinderella Advent Market under the largest Advent Candle in Northern Germany round off the offer.

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