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Little Red Riding Hood Land for lovers of fairy tales

"Once upon a time..." As you know, that's how all fairy tales begin. What seemed once so legendary still exists today. The fairy tales, legends and stories live on in Little Red Riding Hood country, where the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were also guests. Original dance and traditional costume groups with small and large Little Red Riding Hoods in lavish, colourful Schwälm costumes still remind us today of the fairytale figure of the Brothers Grimm. Silent forests and untouched nature - an enchanting landscape where you can easily imagine meeting fairytale characters. At many places in Little Red Riding Hood Country you will encounter many "fairytale-like" things, let yourself be carried away into the world of tales, legends and sagas, where the dreams of our childhood days come alive again.

Regular fairy tales and city tours take our young and old guests into a magical world and fairy-tale events bring the Little Red Riding Hood country to life. Visit the wolf in Knüll Wildlife Park, Little Red Riding Hood in the Neukirchen Fairytale House or the fairytale sculptures in Homberg (Efze), Knüllwald and Schwalmstadt. And the castles and palaces in Little Red Riding Hood country also promise exciting stories. You will find interesting information about the traditional costume of Schwälm in the Schwälm Museum. In Ottrau-Weißenborn the ancestral house of the Brothers Grimm stands on the cultural-historical hiking trail and the painter Ludwig-Emil Grimm has left his mark in Willingshausen.

Historical Tidbits

Milestones of the reformation movement have left their mark here. Landgrave Philipp I convened the first Protestant synod in the world in Homberg, so Homberg(Efze) is the city of the Reformation. In 1539, the Ziegenhain Kirchenzuchtordnung (Church breeding regulations for goats) settled the question of baptism of children or adults by introducing confirmation. The Lutherweg 1521 is based on Luther's itinerary, passing Niederaula and Breitenbach on the Herzberg. Go on a search for clues!

Little Red Riding Hood Country for holiday tourists and day visitors

Little Red Riding Hood Country is a popular hiking region with certified trails. For cyclists, the Little Red Riding Hood Country railway cycle path brings you comfortably from Niederaula to Schwalmstadt. The Schwalm cycle path takes you along the river from its source to its outlet into the sea. The hosts with the Bed+Bike sign at the door as well as beer gardens and cafes along the cycle paths look forward to welcoming you. The winding landscapes between Knüll and Kellerwald, the half-timbered towns and castles have a lot to offer motorbike lovers. On hot days you can find refreshment in the natural lakes of Frielendorf, Neuental, Kirchheim and Borken. Also worth seeing is the painter village of Willingshausen, where Ludwig Emil Grimm founded one of the oldest colonies of painters in 1825. Family-friendly holiday homes and apartments invite you to spend a carefree holiday in the region. Comfortable rooms in hotels and guesthouses promise relaxing days. Campers will find well-equipped grounds.

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