Rotenburg a. d. Fulda - enchanted, fairy-tale-like and colourful with half-timbered buildings

Rotenburg for lovers of fairy tales

Rotenburg a. d. Fulda is an enchanting holiday resort with its wide range of historic sites and fairytale squares.

During your first tour of the city, you will spontaneously become aware of the numerous bronze sculptures. You get a first impression starting with the Frog King in the castle park, past the Creeping Guard and the many other lovingly-designed sculptures,. Not far from the fairytale figure Frog King, the "Bornschisser" - the legendary figure in Rotenburg par excellence - is also waiting to be discovered. It appears in the city in a variety of forms. As sculpture, as painting, as legend and last but not least you can even buy it as pastry and enjoyable souvenirs of our beautiful city. During a fairytale guided tour you will also learn what the "Bornschisser" is all about, one of many fabulous stories for friends of fairy tales on the German Fairy Tale Route.

Rotenburg - for holiday tourists and day visitors

Nestled closely together, the colourful half-timbered houses in the streets of Rotenburg welcome holiday tourists and guests during their visit to the town on the Fulda in the middle of the home of tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm. With their crooked beams they look as if they have experienced a great deal, and could tell us many a beautiful and exciting story or legend. You roam through the narrow alleyways along with the witch Walburga, past the witch's tower which still preserves many a dark secret, learn how the people of Rotenburg came to their mocking name and hear the stories of the bronze sculptures. But you will also get your money's worth on one of the many other city walks. They all offer you holiday experiences of a special kind.

There are also fairytale-like things to discover in the woods around the city. On the art hiking trail ARS NATURA you will find enchanting works of art at intervals of about one kilometre. The dense forests offer a unique natural experience. Concerts in the forest but also theatre performances enchant the holiday tourists, day visitors and other guests again and again and transform the forest into a fairytale setting.

The Fulda Cycle Path - one of the most beautiful river cycle paths in Germany, which leads through the middle of our town - enters the city area directly at the former Landgrave Castle. This magical setting is not only the setting for concerts, but also for open air events of all kinds.

Our museum world with the doll and toy museum, the mikveh with the Jewish ritual bath and the district home museum offer lovingly designed exhibitions that make the heart of the discoverer beat faster. With numerous supplementary events they contribute to a rich and full holiday.

An 18-hole minigolf course with an adjacent adventure playground awaits many visitors in the castle park, and when you walk along the avenue with your eyes set on the castle, you feel like you're in the middle of a fairy tale.

In Heienbach, relaxation, excitement and the spirit of discovery are in demand. The barefoot path introduces you to very special experiences, the adjoining well-maintained Kneipp facility, the multi-generation playground and last but not least the network of hiking trails with forest adventure path offer holiday experiences for old and young guests, just as they'd like them to be.

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