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Steinau for friends of Grimm and fairy tales

The Brothers Grimm house in Steinau was formerly a magistrate's house and the home of the Grimm family. Today, with numerous marvellous exhibition pieces and interactive exibits, it is a museum which excellently succeeds in presenting the life, work and the world-renowned fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm in a sensory manner. Friends of fairy tales can see, hear and feel the tales and thereby immerse themselves in the colourful world of the Tales of Children and the Home by Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm. An additional large area in the museum is dedicated to the artist brother Ludwig Emil Grimm, an important painter and graphic artist of Romanticism.

Grimm enthusiasts together with a town guide can discover the childhood places of the Brothers Grimm in a discovery tour along the footsteps of the Grimms. Fairytale town guided tours, tours “On the tracks of the Grimms” and Brothers Grimm house guided tours round off the enchanting offering.

Steinauer historical tidbits

Jacob Grimm writes: “My home, this I feel, is the source of my most lively urges and stimulations. There I spent the freshest and happiest part of my life”. Even today, Steinau would be familiar to the brothers Grimm as long ago, since it has retained its appearance.

The great-grandfather of the Brothers Grimm already worked in Steinau, their grandfather preached more than 47 years in the Katharine Church, directly on the market place. Their father was born here and worked as district magistrate. In 1985, the fairytale fountain to honour the Brothers Grimm (200th birthday of Jacob) was built on the market place.

Steinau lies on the historical Via Regia, which forms a part of the trade route from Frankfurt to Leipzig.

Steinau an der Strasse for holiday tourists and day visitors

The central, easily accessible location of Steinau provides holiday makers numerous excursion possibilities in the Spessart and Rhine-Main region. Hikers discover historical observation points while hiking along the route around the Brothers-Grimm town or on the Spessart trail “Steinauer Hochgefühl”. Cyclists can undertake a tour to the Kinzig reservoir in the immediate vicinity. The Hessian long-distance bicycle path R3 also leads along this way. Families with children can enjoy light-hearted holidays in the Steinau adventure park with its broad recreational offerings, among others a 800 m long summer toboggan slide. The dream of flying can come true in the European Kletterwald (climbing forest) of Steinau in a magical beech forest of about 20,000 square metres.

Guests in Steinau can descend into the underworld with a guided tour through the stalactite “Devils cave”, an important natural monument.

The cultural highlight of every year in autumn is the festival “Steinau Puppeteering Days”. numerous stages from all of Germany play figure theatre for young and old. Special highlights are the Steinau premiere, the opening breakfast, the fairy tale stroll, the long Figure Theatre Night and the dinner theatre that concludes the festival.

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