Brothers Grimm monument before the Neustadt city hall

From the National Monument erected 1896 in front of the Neustadt city hall, today Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm are still silent observers of the colourful activity on Hesse's most lively and largest weekly market every Wednesday and Saturday. If the much-cited name patrons could climb down from their pedestal, they would let themselves be led by their doubles through the city, visit exhibitions, let a piece of Brothers-Grimm cake melt in their mouths, or eagerly take the path on the German Fairy Tale Route which begins at their monument.

Who is sitting, who is standing?

At the feet of the Brothers Grimm National monument on the market place, visitors time and again ask themselves which of the two universal scholars takes which position of the double statue which is about six and a half metres high. According to a common legend in Hanau, Jacob and Wilhelm always secretly exchange places at midnight. For those who do not want to stand watch at the “bewitching hour”: Wilhelm Grimm is seated, Jacob Grimm is standing.



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