Knüll Wildlife Park

The nature centre Knüll Wildlife Park lies in the vicinity of the district town of Homberg (Efze River) in the beautiful Knüll mountain range. On an area of 50 hectares, approximately 450 animals from 40 species can be viewed in a natural setting by the public .

The wildlife park is known beyond regional borders due to its special stock of diverse species of deer and wild sheep. They can move freely about in the park. The park visitor can hike among these animals and easily observe the natural behaviour of these species. Sometimes the animals even let the visitor feed them – but please only with food acquired at the box office.


An attraction is the communal facility for brown bears and European wolves, which is unique in the region. Two brown bears and a pack of wolves live in a communal arrangement. You can observe these animals in their spacious facility very well from a bridge. Little Red Riding Hood can visit her wolf every day.


Tree martens, badgers, lynxes, red foxes, racoons and wild horses live in spacious enclosures.


Ponys, Rhön sheep as well as dwarf goats can be fed and stroked in the petting zoo. The dwarf goat enclosure is a highlight for our visitors both young and old.



Naturzentrum Wildpark Knüll

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