Schauenburg Fairytale Guard

The former fire station in Breitenbach was turned into the Schauenburg Fairytale Guard in 1997. It commemorates the two Grimm fairytale contributors from Schauenburg, the Dragoon Watch Master Johann Friedrich Krause and the Damsel Marie Hassenpflug.

In the books "Krause's Grimm Fairytales", "The Fairytale of the Young Marie" and "The Spinning Room Booklet", Albert Schindehütte, an artist from Schauenburg-Breitenbach, illustrated the fairy tales with calligraphy and drawings in the first editions and together with Heinz Vonjahr and Heinz Rölleke explored the origins of the fairy tales and the life story of the fairytale contributors.

In addition, he made four huge woodcuts for the Fairytale Guard, which you can admire at the former Schlauchturm ("hose tower"). And the text of the fairy tale of the water spirit is reflected legibly in the fountain in front of the Fairytale Guard designed by Albert Schindehütte.

The Fairytale Guard is run by a sponsorship association that regularly conducts poetry readings and concerts, cabinet exhibitions and lectures and Children Fairytale Days with pen drawing and linocuts.

Always opened Sundays from 3 pm to 6 pm.


Schauenburger Märchenwache

Lange Straße 2
34270 Schauenburg-Breitenbach
Phone: +49 5601 - 925678

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