Bremen - Home town of the Bremen Town Musicians and Hanseatic city in a historical setting


Bremen for friends of fairy tales

Who doesn’t know the world-wide popular tale of the Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales? The probably best-known monument is the bronze statue at the west side of the Bremen Town hall created by Gerhard Marcks in 1953. But one meets these four fairytale figures not only here, where they travelled in order to make their fortune in the Hanseatic City. The Town Musicians can be marvelled first-hand and repeatedly in Bremen, for instance in the artisan courtyard of the Böttcherstraße alley, where they adorn a fountain, or in the oldest Schnoor quarter. If you want to get to know the town musicians personally, then you are in the right place in Bremen! The Hanseatic City recounts its history live, life-size, open air and free of charge, on every Sunday at 12 noon at the Domshof square in the town centre from May to September.

Bremen's Historical Tidbits

For a long time, the Böttcherstraße alley has been the connection between the market place and the Weser River. Between 1922 and 1931, Ludwig Roselius and the architect Bernhard Hoetger restored the entire alley and created the total Böttcherstraße work of art. There is an information sign about it at the Paula Becker-Modersohn House reminding us that a donkey bone was found in the working excavation. This should incontestably demonstrate that donkey, dog, cat and rooster ultimately did make it to Bremen.

Bremen for holiday tourists and excursions

Twelve hundred years of tradition and cosmopolitanism have shaped Bremen, the Hanseatic city on the Weser. A distinctive historical landmark to this day is the splendid town hall styled after the Weser Renaissance and the venerable figure of Roland; both have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage since 2004. However, the rest of the Hanseatic city does not have to hide from view at all, because Bremen has many wonderful sides. Among many other charms, there are the shore promenade Schlachte and the maritime mile Vegesack that invite you to stroll along the Weser.

Bremen's museums invite you to stop and visit their diversified offerings. Exciting exhibitions in the Bremen Art Gallery, the Overseas Museum and the Wissenswelten (knowledge worlds) with the universe section and botanical exhibition are popular attractions in the Hanseatic city. numerous events such as the Breminale, La Strada or the open market sweeten the guest’s holiday.

Whether historical, surprising, natural or alive: In Bremen there is always something to experience for every taste.

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