Hameln - The city of the "Pied Piper"


Hameln for friends of fairy tales

From mid-May to mid-September, the Pied Piper open-air performance is put on in Hameln every Sunday at noon. A total of about 70 performers present the story to visitors from all over the world, telling of the tragic exodus of children from the town that allegedly took place in 1284 (according to the Brothers Grimm tale told in "German Legends"). The theatrical production about promises and deception lasts a half an hour and is free of charge.

In the summer, Hameln visitors can also watch the humorous Pied Piper Musical "RATS" free of charge every Wednesday at 4:30 pm. The 45-minute piece thrives on its diverse mix of catchy tunes, extending from waltzes and marches to ballades and rap.

Throughout the whole year, every day the Pied Piper and entourage turn round and round as moving figurines on the historical Wedding House. The Hameln Museum is not only worth a visit on account of its unique Pied Piper mechanical theater. It gets even livelier still when visitors book the Pied Piper himself at the Tourist Info office for a group welcome greeting or guided city tour.

Hameln for holiday tourists and day visitors

A walk through the old town of Hameln will convince any visitor of its unique charm. The town centre with its bustling commercial streets and the magnificent Weser Renaissance architecture invites one to stroll and shop. The small alleyways, full of nooks and crannies, are quiet and romantic, and the lovingly restored half-timbered houses are the inside tip for those discovering Hameln.

The old town was beautifully restored and has become a single splendid historical architectural landmark of international importance. Architecture enthusiasts call it a jewel of the Weser Renaissance. The wooden carvings of devilishly grimacing faces (to ward off evil), the golden inscriptions on the gable beams and the brightly coloured, richly decorated façades attract the interest of even the most determined architectural grouch. With houses in this exceptional architectural style packed closely together on the narrow streets, the Hameln city centre shows off its many treasures on every corner.

The historical testimony in stone such as the Pied Piper House built in 1602 with the inscription of the children's procession out of the city, the Dempterhaus of 1607 and the Leisthaus von 1589 as well as two medieval city towers with town wall that now accommodate the glass blowing factory very worth seeing, all tell a great deal about the almost 800-year history of this city with some 60,000 inhabitants.

In the middle of the beautiful Weserberg countryside, Hameln is also the starting point for many gorgeous walks, hikes, and cycling tours or excursions by boat and ship. Numerous recreational offerings await water lovers, persons interested in art and culture, and sports enthusiasts.

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