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Herbstein for friends of fairy tales

The 750-year-old small town in Vogelsberg is frequently described as "picturesque" and "storybook", enthroned high over the valley at the top of a volcano cone. However, the actual legendary character of Herbstein is revealed in the cultural traditions of the Herbstein Carnival celebration called “Foaselt”. Our “Foaselt” is one of the lustiest carnival customs in the German-speaking Europe. Its especially outstanding tradition is the so-called Springerzug (literally “jumping parade” where participants jump and hop continually throughout the parade), the Bajazz character and his six pairs. In addition there are traditional figures such as the pea straw bear, the seahorses, the stork and the monkey, who can be admired annually on Shrove Monday at the traditional procession – a wonderfully amusing excursion in which history is staged true to life– at venues in the hilltop town, in Vogelsberg, on the German Fairy Tale Route.

One feels like being in a fairy tale when one enjoys the quiet forests and the decorative half-timbered villages in the high Vogelsberg region. Europe’s largest and oldest volcano has formed a low mountain landscape in Hesse, where one would be hardly surprised to encounter Little Red Riding Hood.

Herbstein also developed spa and bathing locations in a storybook manner. Curative waters at a temperature of 32.6°C are pumped out from 1000.05 metres depth; and the 5 after the comma is important because at 1000 metres the trial boring in 1976 actually should already have been terminated. Only a mixture of stubborness and good will finally drove the drill the decisive centimetres further into the volcanic rock. In consequence, a thermal-kinotherapeutic bathing spa was built.

Herbsteiner Historical Tidbits

In the Middle Ages, Herbstein served the Jacobean pilgrims from Thuringia towards Santiago de Compostela as a resting and overnighting site. Therefore Saint Jakobus is the patron saint of the town. His nameday, July 25, is a day with important weather prediction: “If Jakobi is hot, then effort and diligence will be rewarded.” Treat yourself to a reward in the café/bistro at the VulkanTherme with sumptuous cake or a tasty coffee specialty. While you relax, you can recharge your e-bike.

Herbstein for holiday tourists and excursions

Herbstein’s central location permits hikers, bicyclists, inline skaters and riders to enjoy ideal tours in the region. Like circled wagons, the houses surrounded the old town at late gothic town St. Jakobus parish church. The ring-shaped road design underscores the fortress character of the city, which can also be experienced on foot along the town wall with its different towers, as well as in the underground vaults, the last relic of the destroyed fortifications. Worth seeing are also the picturesque market place with its imposing half-timbered town hall, the protestant church, and various museums.

The expansive spa garden, in which the VulkanTherme is located, contains various works of art, a giant slide, and a miniature golf and Pit-Pat grounds. The Haus des Gastes (public event venue) with the life spiral is frequently the venue for cultural events of all kinds. Also the new Bible Park at the Kolping holiday village is a worthy excursion destination for the entire family.

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