Kassel - City of the Brothers Grimm and capital city of the German Fairy Tale Route


Kassel for friends of fairy tales

From Kassel, Cinderella & Co. conquered the hearts of the world. Wonderful princesses, enchanted princes, ridinghoods, little rose reds ... everything “kid stuff”? Totally wrong. The personal copies of the Tales of Children and the Home by the Brothers Grimm with notes, comments and additions are today – one reads and is astonished – a part of the world document heritage of UNESCO. Displayed for the viewer in the GRIMMWELT Kassel. In the museum, on guided tours, and on topical routes, the historical traces of the famous Brothers can be tracked. And for all those who wish to enjoy enchanting experiences with all their senses, there is the Brothers Grimm Festival in the summer, the fairytale Christmas fair in the winter, and Grimm chocolates as well as numerous other sweets and souvenirs at all times of the year.

Kassel Historical Tidbits

“The Kassel years were the happiest of our lives”, wrote Jacob Grimm in the year 1860, and Brother Wilhelm did not view it any differently. Between 1798 and 1841 they spent more than thirty years in the city and collected, documented and revised more than 200 fairy tales as well as numerous legends to create a unique cultural treasure.

Kassel for holiday tourists and day visitors

Like the Tales of Children and the Home by the Brothers Grimm, the documenta likewise achieved world fame. Every five years the the most important contemporary art exhibition entices streams of tourists to city on the Fulda.

From May to October, the water displays, which are also illuminated in the summer months until a late hour, are also popular with visitors. Because of their technical historical uniqueness, they are also the core of the application for recognition of the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park as a UNESCO Word Cultural Heritage site.

In palpable connection with the unique mountain park and Kassel’s trademark, the Hercules statue, is the diverse and significant museum landscape of Hessen Kassel (MHK) as well as the spa district Bad Wilhelmshöhe with the popular Kurhessen thermal baths.

Another popular destination for locals and vacationers are also the park grounds close to the city centre, such as the Karslaue State Park and the BUGA with its bathing lakes, walking paths and various restaurants. In the municipal area, you can encounter works of art everywhere as attestations of the previous 13 documenta exhibitions.

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