Lügde - Town of the Osterräder ( "Easter wheels")

Lügde for friends of fairy tales

The town of the Osterräder – since 2012, the city may officially adorn itself with this official name supplement. The traditional Easter wheel run is omnipresent in the tranquil town on the banks of the Emmer river. Whether the Brothers Grimm also saw the fascinating Osterräderlauf is not known, but in any event, inspiration was found here and taken up in the legends “The Springwurzel” and “The Köterberg” in their compilation “German Legends”. Whoever visits the Köterberg can be convinced by the magic of the landscape and explore the legends close up.

The full expectations of hiking enthusiasts are met in Lügde. For example on the Lügde mythology road that runs along mythical locations and is culturally historically significant. To this day, a white maiden still haunts the woods in search of her beloved. The five-kilometre long thematic walk brings you to interesting legendary places and informative stations. Also for bicycle enthusiasts, Lügde has much to offer. A special highlight is the GPS adventure trail “Legendary Lügde”. Gates to the past are opened at a total of twelve adventure points. Let yourself be borne on "invisible" adventure trails with the aid of satellite navigation (GPS) and request multimedia contents at interesting adventure points.

Historical Tidbits

“Charlemagne was here in 784” – every Lügde schoolchild learns this saying. In the year 784, during the Saxon wars, Charlemagne in fact celebrated Christmas in the Kilian church in Lügde. The current church was erected at the same spot in the 12th century, almost entirely preserved to this day.

Lügde for holiday tourists and day visitors

Lügde is known for its historical town centre with the beautifully restored half-timbered houses and façades, mediaeval ramparts and the two well-preserved defence towers. Historically significant and absolutely worth seeing is also the Romanesque Kilian church from the 12th century, one of the oldest churches in Germany.

A worthwhile destination is also the Emmer Meadow Park at the edge of the old town. With its beach and adventure playground, the park offers leisure-time pleasure for young and old.

One can explore Lügde and its outlying districts on foot or by bicycle. More than 120 km of cycling and footpaths offer the opportunity to explore Lügde’s attractive natural setting. There is much worth seeing along the routes, such as the stork ward, the 1,000-year-old lime tree, or the monastery grounds in Falkenhagen.

Whoever visits Lügde should also definitely take a trip to Köterberg. At 497 metres, it is the highest elevation in the Lipper highlands. From the peak, one can enjoy a wonderful vista of the Teutoburg Forest and the Weserbergland hills.


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