Niedenstein - Climatic spa with Hessian tower

Niedenstein for friends of fairy tales

An enchanting royal pair is also at home here. As the official fairytale godfather of the fairytale King Drosselbart, one can then and again encounter the king himself and his obstinate princess. The living symbolic figures represent the town and stroll in the magical woods and meadows, which invite holiday tourists for recreation and quiet.

Niedensteiner Historical Tidbits

In 1254, the borough of Niedenstein was built as a military support point for the protection of the old core country of Hesse. In 1329, it received a town charter. Four museums of local history in the boroughs recount the history of our town to the holiday tourists. Since thenm, the climatic spa of Niedenstein has always been a town that radiates quiet and recuperation from everyday stress, and simultaneously is part of the larger Kassel and Baunatal area, close to urban life.

Niedenstein for holiday tourists and day visitors

On more than 70 km of hiking paths, six Nordic walking routes with various levels of difficultly and an extra tour on the Habichtswald trail as well as “on the wings of the goshawk”, the Habichtswald trail with its main path, pleasure hikers get their money's worth. They can enjoy the landscape formed by basalt domes and the magical vista of the connecting valley landscape, with an overview of the home of the Brothers Grimm. The kinotherapeutic hall bath, tennis courts, leisure facilities and an active community life offer the optimal balance and variety from daily routine.

Niedenstein lies in one of the most historic regions of Hesse. The castle ruin Falkenstein, the ring wall enclosure of the Altenburg, and the Tanzlinde are witnesses of these times. The legend of the “young dogs” is recounted here. The Hessian tower, trademark of the town, is enthroned 475 m high above. Holiday flats, pensions and two campsites (one of these a nudist camp) invite guests to linger in cosy atmosphere. Here one feels “immediately at home” in the truest sense.

Niedenstein is glad of your visit!

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