Oberweser - The home of "Puss in Boots" and "Snow White"


Oberweser for lovers of fairy tales

Puss in Boots as an over-sized wooden sculpture welcomes all guests at the parking lot of the Oedelsheim village museum. The sculpture at the town hall of the "Snow White Stone Gieselwerder" also testifies to the close connection to the fairytale world. The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is presented in an abstract form.

The Puss in Boots theme walk is designed as a panoramic path around Oedelsheim. Carved signposts with Puss in Boots mark the course of the path.

The Mühlenplatz (mill square) open-air museum is located on the western edge of the Gieselwerder resort. In the spacious, beautifully designed complex, water mills, castles and palaces, churches and town halls from ancient times are shown faithfully reproduced in the original scale of 1:25 and 1:40. Water is fed to the water mills via delicate channels and used to drive the mill technology. The project was based on a hobby of Richard Wittich begun in 1969, and has been continuously expanded and expanded since then. Today about 60 models can be seen.

Oberweser for holiday tourists and day visitors

The traditional Weser ferry Oedelsheim - Gottstreu has connected the two banks of the Weser for centuries. This ferry connection was mentioned in a document as early as 1288. From 1934 on, car ferries have been used. The current ferry was put into operation in 1996. It crosses the river by means of yaw rope technology and the current forces of the water, and also connects the cycle paths on the right and left banks of the Weser.

Since the 11th century, the official residence of the Counts of Werder has stood on the historic grounds of the old moated castle. At the beginning of the 18th century, a half-timbered house was erected on this square.
In 1913 the building was struck by lightning and burned down, but was rebuilt one year later. Since 1967 it has served as the town hall for the community of Oberweser. In front of the house you can admire a model of the old moated castle.

The Schiffermuseum is devoted to local shipping history and technology, and its fine exhibits explain the details of topics such as "The ship as workplace and living space", "Loading and unloading sites and shipyards in the Oberweser area", "Ships from Gieselwerder and their history" and "Shipping companies on the Oberweser".

The weaving museum Gieselwerder is located in the house "Little Taylor", a historical Weser-Diemel house, which is distinguished by a large hall for accommodating horse-drawn carriages. The house in Steinweg got its name because the last tailor was not very tall, and there was a second taller tailor in the town.

The ECO Paths "Castles Museums Water Gieselwerder and Cultural History Oedelsheim" accompany you on the exploration of Oberweser

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