Homberg (Efze) - Fabulous group of half-timbered house with St. Mary's Church


Homberg for friends of fairy tales

Experience the beauty of this mediaeval town, for instance on a guided town tour through winding alleyways, embellished with stories and secrets from a bygone time.

Learn more history on a tour through the town, and visit a variety of notable places such as the Dörnberg Temple, the Powder Tower, or the New Gate.

On a castle guided tour, listen to the exciting history of the “White Woman" or visit the Tower Warder, who will take you up the 217 steps leading to a tower dwelling in the Reformation church of St. Mary (Marienkirche).

Visit the "Little Brother and Little Sister" fairytale fountain on the market place.

In the Knüll Wildlife Park one can not only encounter the wolf that is often vilified as “bad” in fairy tales. No, one can even howl with the “good” wolves on wolf nights, or hear the fairies at other times.

Homberg Historical Tidbits

In 1526, in the Homberg town church St. Mary (Marienkirche), the Homberger synod was convened by Landgrave Philip to discuss the introduction of the Protestant faith. This synod was the birth of the Reformation in Hesse and was the first Evangelical Synod worldwide.

In the middle of the three stained-glass windows of the choir in the church interior, you can see the so-called "Reformation window" with its scenic representation of the synod.

Homberg for holiday tourists, day visitors, and others

Get to know the beautiful town with its half-timbered buildings on a guided town tour with the Tower Warder or the “White Woman”.

Learn about local history in the Kyffhäuser Museum, Mountain Museum and the Fire Fighting Museum and about life in Homberg not only in earlier times.

You can enjoy the special beauty of the landscape on our prizewinning hiking paths, the Lochbach path and the Lochbach ravine near Homberg (Efze River), in wildly romantic nature.

Motorcyclists can explore the storybook routes of the middle mountain region – with a guide or own their own.

You can enjoy leisure-time and sporting activities, environmental education and nature experiences along the "EFZEvital" route if you open yourself to the natural element of water and enjoy being in or near water. On the bicycle and hiking paths R 14 and R15 in Homberg along the Efze River, the exciting adventure point “Water meadows”, the natural vital artery of the Knüll River, offers diverse activities for young and old with information and water displays.

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