Schauenburg - in the heart of Habichtswald the Nature Park

Schauenburg for friends of fairy tales

In the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm, a multitude of hiking trails offer varied landscapes to hiking enthusiasts in Schauenburg. The cultural and historical sights of Schauenburg are connected by the "Schauenburg Fairytale Path". Here lie the roots of many fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, which were conceived an idea of the artist Albert Schindehütte, born in Breitenbach and living in Hamburg.

The fairy tale guard reminds one of Marie Hassenpflug and Johann-Friedrich Krause, who lived in Schauenburg and were important contributors to the published fairytale collection of the Brothers Grimm. Albert Schindehütte has artistically decorated the building of today's Fairytale Guard, and has thus created a worthy monument to Marie Hassenpflug and Johann Friedrich Krause.

The fairy tale of the water spirit, which was performed by Marie Hassenpflug, is written upside down on a plate on the forecourt of the Schauenburg Fairytale Guard, mirrored on a plate. Inside the Fairytale Guard, original drawings from books of the Grimms, etchings and woodcuts, as well as documents from the life of the contributors are exhibited.

Schauenburg Historical Tidbits

The Martinstein, the symbol of the oldest village of Martinhagen, is a rock where a monk is said to have preached to the inhabitants of the surrounding area. The stone is made of basalt and sandstone, and was also used to build the cascades in the Wilhelmshöhe mountain park in Kassel. There were even plans to carve the statue of the famous "Hercules" from a stone out of the Martinhagen quarry. However, the transport of the stone caused too much trouble, so this did not happen.

Schauenburg for holiday tourists and day visitors

The many hiking trails through forests and valleys of Schauenburg offer great variety. The 85 km long premium hiking trail "Habichtswald Climb" and the 17 km long, certified extra tour "On the Throne of the Country" guide you through the Schauenburg countryside. The Schauenburg section is characterised by the interplay of forest trails and meadow paths with easy ascents and descents. When visiting the ruins of the castle on the castle hill, hikers can enjoy magnificent views of the Bauna Valley and far into Wolfhager Land. Schauenburg offers visitors many sights and natural monuments, such as the ruins of Schauenburg Castle, the Habichtswald climb throne, the fairytale watch in Breitenbach, and the lake in Martinhagen. This recreational lake is enriched by another attraction: after an extensive walk through the Schauenburg country, there are several possibilities to stop for refreshments. The villages offer several restaurants and inns. There is certainly something for everyone.

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